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Environmental Considerations and Initiatives at the Yokoyama View Point and Visitor Center

1. Use of renewable energy (Yokoyama Visitor Center RE100 initiative)
RE100 is an international initiative that aims for companies to use 100% renewable energy to power their operations, and companies from around the world and Japan are participating in the initiative.
「Ministry of the Environment's RE100 initiative」
The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) has set a goal of achieving RE100 by 2030 for all facilities under its jurisdiction, and the Yokoyama Visitor Center, one of them, will achieve RE100 by 2020.
2. Installing a water server
To reduce the use of plastic bottles and cans, one water server has been installed in the rest area of the Tenkū Café Terrace and one in the Yokoyama Visitor Center. Visitors are free to fill their water bottles without having to buy bottled or canned beverages if they bring their water bottles.
3. Environmental Considerations and Contributions at Tenkū Café
The Mirador café, located in the free rest area of the Yokoyama Tenkū Café Terrace, is a store that is committed to being considerate of the environment, and is contributing to the preservation of nature as a part of the National Park. As a response to environmental concerns, Mirador uses plant-derived straws and cups made of biomass plastic, does not use lids for cups or plastic shopping bags, and makes other efforts to reduce the amount of waste. In addition, a portion of the proceeds from the café sales are donated to charity, and the donations are used to maintain and manage the facilities around the View Point. The menu, which features local ingredients such as Aosa, contributes to the local community and allows visitors to feel connected to the mountains and seas of Ise-Shima.