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For cars

Approximately 25 minutes from the Toba Minami-Shiraki IC on the Daini-Ise Road.
Via Route 167, turn west at the traffic lights of Yokoyama Kita or Yokoyamaguchi, and follow the "Cherry blossom route" on the map.


About the parking lot


Yokoyama View Point Parking Lot: Marked P2 on maps, this is the closest parking lot to the observation decks. It has room for 28 vehicles, including two wheelchair-accessible parking spaces reserved for visitors with disabilities. This lot often fills completely on weekends and public holidays. At busy times, guidance is provided by a sign at the parking lot entrance or a staff member directing traffic.

Sozo-no-Mori Parking Lot: When Yokoyama View Point Parking Lot is full, visitors are encouraged to use this larger lot, marked P1 on maps. It has room for around 50 cars. Yokoyama Tenkū Café Terrace is a 15-minute climb away, with quiz panels along the trail introducing the area’s flora and fauna in English and Japanese. Because this walk is steep and the trail surface is not even, visitors should wear sneakers or other suitable footwear, avoiding high heels or sandals.

- Visitor Center Parking Lot: A parking lot in front of the Yokoyama Visitor Center, with nine parking spaces.
- Lawn Park Parking Lot: A small parking lot attached to Lawn Park.
- Temporary parking lot (P3): Located about a 5-minute walk from the Forest of Creation parking lot, there are parking spaces for about 20 cars.

About large buses

Please contact the Yokoyama Visitor Center (0599-44-0567) in advance so that we can direct you to the Ago Arena Parking Lot No. 2, about 4 kilometers away.You cannot reserve parking spaces.

It will take about 15 minutes to walk from the Sozo-no-Mori Parking Lot to the view point on a steep mountain path, so we ask that all passengers wear comfortable shoes and clothing.

By train

To Kintetsu Ugata Station
● About 2 hours and 10 minutes from Kintetsu Nagoya Station by Kintetsu Limited Express.
● Approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes by Kintetsu Limited Express train from "Osaka Namba".
The cabstand is located at Ugata Station. If you want to go to the view point on foot, Shima-Yokoyama Station is the nearest station, next to Ugata Station. Electric bicycles are also available for rent at Ugata Station (reservation required).

Ugata Station electric bicycle rental
Bicycle Journey 0599-44-4450


Getting There

The Yokoyama Visitor Center is 10 minutes by car or 15 minutes by bicycle from Ugata Station on the Kintetsu Railway Shima Line. There are parking lots in front of the Visitor Center, at Sozo-no-Mori, and just below Yokoyama Tenkū Café Terrace. Note that bicycles and other two-wheeled vehicles may not be parked in the Yokoyama View Point Parking Lot for safety reasons.

The Yokoyama Visitor Center can also be reached on foot from Shima-Yokoyama Station, one stop before Ugata Station on the same line. There are two routes: the Cherry Blossom Route (35 minutes) and the Kinki Nature Trail Route (40 minutes).

Cherry Blossom Route

The Cherry Blossom Route is the newer of the two routes. It is a two-lane road with a sidewalk lined by cherry trees. The trees are the early-blooming Yoko-zakura variety, and the blossoms are at their finest in March.

Kinki Nature Trail Route
The Kinki Nature Trail Route is a small section of the 3,258-kilometer Kinki Nature Trail, which stretches across the Kansai region. It is a narrow asphalt road with no sidewalk, but because most vehicles now use the Cherry Blossom Route, few cars pass by. It winds through forests and quiet residential areas, with colors, sounds, and scents that vary with the seasons. In the hotter months, the route is shaded by the trees.

Sneakers or other suitable footwear are recommended for all visitors, even those arriving by car. Sections of the trail, including from the Visitor Center to the observation decks, are too steep and rough for high-heeled shoes or sandals.