Rules and Manners around the Yokoyama View Point

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  2. Rules and Manners around the Yokoyama View Point
The trails and forests around the Yokoyama View Point are protected natural areas. Please observe follow the rules and manners when using the facilities, as they are public property.

【Around Yokoyama View Point】

1. Do not leave the trail and go into the forest.
2. Do not pick flowers or plants. Cutting trees growing in the vicinity of the Yokoyama View Point or damaging designated plants is prohibited by law.
3. Do not deface, damage, or destroy the facility.
4. Please refrain from using the site at night or during stormy weather, as it can be dangerous (there is no night lighting).
5. Smoking is not allowed in the View Point or the surrounding area. Yokoyama has been hit by wildfires several times in the past, and when a fire breaks out, it is difficult to extinguish, so please do not smoke.
6. Fires (Cigarettes, bonfires, fireworks etc.) are strictly prohibited.
7. There are no trash cans in the View Point or the surrounding area. Please be sure to take your trash home with you. The trash from the café at the Tenkū Café Terrace is collected at the café. Please separate your trash and put it in the trash receptacles provided.
8. If you bring your pet with you, please be sure to keep it on a leash and take its droppings home with you.
9. To ensure the safety of the visitors, we ask that you refrain from using drones. If you wish to use a drone to introduce Yokoyama View Point in the media, please consult the Ise-Shima National Park Management Office of the Ministry of the Environment (0599-43-2210 weekdays 8:30-17:15) as soon as possible.
10. The roadway from the Yokoyama Visitor Center to the Yokoyama View Point parking lot (P2) is for passenger cars only (no medium or large buses are allowed). The roadway is narrow and dangerous, so please be sure to walk on the sidewalk when walking on foot.

【Yokoyama View Point parking lot (P2)】※the closest parking lot to the observatory.

1. For safety reasons, motorcycles and bicycles are not allowed to park. Please park bikes in front of the Yokoyama Visitor Center or the parking lot of the So-Zo-no mori (P1), or park bicycles in the dedicated space for bicycles, and walk up to the View Point. It is a 15-minute walk up the mountain, so please wear comfortable shoes and clothes.
2. When the Yokoyama View Point parking lot(P2) is full, signs stating "full" or "restricted access" will be posted at the entrance of the road to the parking lot to give priority to those who have difficulty walking. If the parking lot is full, please park at the So-zo-no mori parking lot (P1) and walk to the View Point.
3. There is a space at the back of the parking lot for microbuses and other vehicles to turn around. Please do not park outside of the designated parking spaces.